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Installation for your Conference Room System is a semi custom engagement which may require additional installation services. After purchase we will contact you using the email address the order is booked under to discuss your requirements, our process, what to expect, and site specific scope of work.  Before we proceed with our onsite services there will be a final sign-off for the project specific scope of work required. (see sample SOW sign-off document)

Standard TERMS and CONDITIONS below:


Profound Technologies has identified the following assumptions that are relevant to the scope of this work effort: 

1)  It is assumed that all work related to this engagement will be performed during normal business hours  (Monday through Friday 8a.m. - 6p.m. customer local time). 

2)  All documentation will be provided in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visio or Adobe PDF  electronic file formats at Profound Technologies’ discretion or in any format otherwise agreed by Profound  Technologies and Company. 

3) Wire runs and speaker cable assumes there is the ability to get easy access to ceiling under and room, and run cable through the ceiling beams. If easy wiring is deemed not possible, another solution will be advised for cable runs.  

4) Profound may provide meeting room administrative support services on a time and materials on hourly basis, subject to Company’s request. This support doesn’t replace the need for the Company to provide an ongoing IT admin for meeting room administration for platform’s such as Zoom, Teams, etc.


1) Client  is responsible for providing Profound Technologies reasonable access (including remote access) to all  facilities and equipment as needed to perform the engagement and accomplish the stated objective. 

2) Client  is fully responsible for maintaining any and all needed backups of company information, data, and  system states throughout the entire engagement. Profound Technologies will make every effort to avoid the  possibility of data loss, but Profound Technologies is not responsible for any data loss that may occur during this engagement. 

3) Profound Technologies is responsible for making any requests for information or systems access in a  reasonable, timely fashion, so as not to cause project delays or missed deadlines. 

4) Profound Technologies is responsible for providing a project timeline (upon request) and reasonable  justification for any missed deadlines or project delays. 

5) Profound Technologies is responsible for providing responses to any reasonable inquiries regarding project  status and progress (upon request) throughout the engagement. 

6) Client  is responsible for providing 110v Power to Rack location, screen and AV box locations. 

7) Client  will have conduit to each location needed by profound using 1 1/4" diameter. Conduit to be provided  and installed by others pending final engineering.

8) Client  will provide table cubby for pass-through AV connections at the table, if applicable. Company will  need to provide a table model in advance before final engineering.  

9) Display areas must be backed with ¾” plywood by a carpenter to allow proper and safe installation. This must be provided by others.  

10) Client will provide network data connection pulls to rack locations for AV equipment.

11) Client is responsible to ensure data/power are properly installed at the TV and Table locations prior to AV installation. 

12) Company must provide the IT administrator contact for ongoing support of meeting platform setup, configuration, and configurations management.



Limited Warranty. Profound Technologies’ sole warranty under this Agreement is that it will perform the  services required under this agreement in accordance with the standard of care set forth herein and that the services, other than any design and consulting services, shall be free from defects in workmanship for a period of sixty (60) days following completion of the services (“Warranty Period”). Customer shall advise Profound Technologies of any warranty claims arising during the Warranty Period within ten (10) days of finding that any warranty-covered service, service item or product does not conform to the foregoing limited warranty. Profound  Technologies, at its option, shall correct or reperform a Service that is determined to be defective in workmanship during the Service Warranty Period. THE FOREGOING LIMITED WARRANTY SHALL NOT APPLY TO NORMAL WEAR OR TEAR OR TO ANY DEFECT RESULTING FROM (i) TAMPERING, ALTERATION, OR REPAIR BY ANYONE OTHER THAN PROFOUND TECHNOLOGIES; (ii) LIGHTNING, FIRE OR OTHER ACTS OF GOD OR OTHER ACTS BEYOND THE REASONABLE CONTROL OF EITHER PARTY; (iii) USE OF ANY SERVICE, SERVICE ITEM OR PRODUCT IN A MANNER THAT FAILS TO COMPLY WITH THE INTENDED USE, APPLICABLE SPECIFICATIONS AND/OR CARE AND HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS (IF APPLICABLE) OR OTHER STANDARDS FOR REASONABLE USE, CARE OR HANDLING OR (v) COMPLIANCE BY PROFOUND TECHNOLOGIES WITH THE CUSTOMER’S REQUESTS OR SPECIFICATIONS."