Poly Studio X70 with TC8 touch control (USB)


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Poly Studio X70 is a beautifully engineered, premium videoconference solution that combines razor-sharp 4K video with boardroom filling stereo sound for simply the best meeting experience available. With a sleek all-inone plug-and-play design, the Poly Studio X70 eliminates tangled cables and IT headaches while providing robust audio and video. Enjoy native support from your choice of video-as-a-service platforms—no PC needed. Its AIdriven video and audio experience enables the Poly Studio X70 to turn any large-room video call into a hassle-free delight.

• Dual cameras with 4K+ sensors.
• Two-way stereo speakers, aluminum cone tweeters, and advanced bass ports.
• AI-driven camera array.
• NoiseBlockAI noise reduction technology.
• Seamless native experience on leading cloud video services.