WattBox Power Cord - 10ft


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360 Rotating Male Power Cord with 3-Prong IEC Socket

What do you do when a power cord is too long or your TV mount won’t lay flat due to a bulky connector? Our WattBox® 360 Rotating Male Power Cords with 3-Prong IEC Sockets solve both these issues, with a low-profile rotating plug and custom lengths to fit your application.


360° Rotating Plug

With 360 degree rotation at the plug, you can ensure the cable is pointed in the right direction without making unnecessary turns. When used on a standard duplex outlet, the plug can be angled to allow access to the second outlet.


90° Low Profile Plug

Ideal for flat panel TV installation, the plug end sits a mere 1/2 inch off the outlet. This keeps your TV mounted snug to the wall with minimal interference. The rotating connector is gold plated to resist corrosion, transfer maximum power and present a high-end professional look.


Right Length for Your Installs

Custom length power cords work great and look awesome when building racks. They are also ideal when working with slim mounts where space for extra cable bulk is limited.


Flexibility Comes Standard

This WattBox cord is contructed from 16AWG stranded copper and features a flexible jacket material that lays flat right out of the box.